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    1. coachvalera1773 says:

      Good morning, I’m going to be starting this season as the head coach for the first time. I’ve been an assistant coach for about 10 years now and I finally have been given a chance to be a leader. Yet I find myself as if I’ve never coached a game in my life. Smh I guess its nerves. I have a 2 part question? The first one question is I really want to do something different this season, kind of changes things up. I will be coaching the 7th grade team and I wanted to install the T formation old school offense. Do you think with this age group that it would be a productive offense??? I was watching your part 1 video on the T formation. Is there a part 2? My second question is my defense…… I’m torn between a 5-3 6-4-Bear or 6-2 please help…..
      Coach Valera.

      • admin says:

        Thanks for reaching out coach! Congrats on becoming a Head Coach! The T-formation is great for that age group. It keeps it simple and also does a great job of minimizing the QB throwing the ball or having to read coverages on the fly. As for defense, I would say the 50 front works well. You don’t want to get overly creative with that age group; just drive home the fundamentals and keep it basic but try to install a new wrinkle every week depending on the opponent. I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, email me here –>

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