Bucs 3-Round “What If” Mock Draft – Part 4

Gene Clemons, FBGP Analyst

In the third edition, the Buccaneers went with offensive talent to help blossoming quarterback Jameis Winston. They picked up Alabama tight end OJ Howard with the first pick and bolstered the offensive line with tackle Storm Norton from Toledo and Baylor center Kyle Fuller.

This fourth edition looks to address defending against the pass by addressing the pass rush and pass coverage.



Rd 1 Pk 19: Derek Barnett DE Tennessee

FBGP position rank: 3rd (4-3 end) Score: 77

Pass rushing is always at a premium in the NFL and as such there are many positions used to rush the passer. In one of the deepest drafts for pass rushers in quite some time the Bucs are gifted with choosing a highly productive talent in the middle of the first round. While many believe that Myles Garrett and Solomon Thomas are the best options at the position, Barnett is probably one of the most productive in a conference full of productive pass rushers. Barnett possesses great balance and ability to dip and bend which allows him to take advantage off his athletic ability. Barnett will be a great addition to a defensive line that is continuing to grow in talent and ferocity.


Rd 2 Pk 18 (50): Budda Baker FS Washington

FBGP position rank: 1st  Score: 81

Because of the value placed on other positions in the draft the talent at safety falls lower than it should. In this case there’s also preference being given to safeties like Hooker and Adams. So the Bucs have the FBGP #1 ranked free safety available to draft in the second round and they don’t hesitate to make that selection. Baker fills the need for a legitimate back-line defender in the Bucs lineup. He has range and dynamic that will make him a playmaker in the NFL and he will be considered a steal as a second round selection when we look back at this draft in five years.


Rd 3 Pk 20 (84): Jalen Tabor

FBGP position rank: 1st Score: 90

Tabor is the best defensive back talent in the draft. When you put the film on, he has been a baller for the better part of three seasons. It is there on the film that Tabor separates himself as the best corner prospect in the draft this year and his score of 90 is one of the highest grades given out this year for any prospect. The reason Tabor’s available to be drafted in the third round is because of issues outside of the playing arena. He ran a slower than expected forty yard dash time and he has been considered a behavior issue. These negatives, mixed with the ascension of other corner prospects and the high values of various positions in the draft have drastically lowered his stock. The over-thinking associated with the draft will once again cost the bottom dwellers an opportunity to get out the basement with a great talent. Fortunately for the Bucs they want to continue their rise up the ranks and pull the trigger on another pass defender from Gator Country.
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Gene Clemons’ Bucs “What If” Mock Draft – Part 3

Gene Clemons, FBGP Analyst

In the second edition, the Buccaneers decided go with Jamal Adams defensive back from LSU in the first round. That allowed them to address tight end in the second round with Clemson’s Jordan Leggett and defensive end in the third round with still raw but extremely talented Villanova product Tanoh Kpassagnon.

This third installment looks at the likelihood of the Bucs deciding to address their need for a legitimate complete tight end to round out the offensive weapons for quarterback Jameis Winston and the subsequent offensive value selections made as a result of the pick.



Rd 1 Pk 19: OJ Howard TE Alabama

FBGP position rank: 2nd  score: 83.5


Howard, like Jamal Adams, seems to have the least amount of bust written on him in the draft. His ability to flex, play in the slot, and come out the backfield make him a matchup nightmare for defenses but it is his blocking that truly sets Howard apart. He is aggressive and tenacious in-line with not only the strength and technique to cover defenders up in the run game but to finish blocks to the ground. With all that he helped the the Crimson Tide accomplish in his years in Tuscaloosa, nobody would argue that he was underutilized while at Bama. This would not be the case if he is snatched up by the Bucs at 19. Howard could be what everyone in the organization wanted Austin Sefferian-Jenkins to be when they drafted him a few years back. The difference is that Howard is more explosive and a far more natural blocker than ASJ is. He also gives the Bucs something they really need in a play-action style offense; he gives them the ability to disguise. Currently the two tight ends on the roster are Cameron Brate who is essentially a big slot receiver, and Luke Stoker who is an offensive lineman with an eligible number. Howard can fill both their roles in one allowing them to return to specialized roles and therefore improving the offense.


Rd 2 Pk 18 (50): Storm Norton OT Toledo

FBGP position rank: 3rd score: 82


Norton is tall and athletic for the position and is the prototypical counter to the new age

long, rangy, explosively athletic defensive ends of the NFL today. He comes from a program that has thrown the ball a lot but also one that does damage in the running game. That versatility in the offense will make his transition to the NFL smoother than many others. Norton shows a patience and poise many young tackles don’t possess. He never seems to be in chase mode. “Norton knows when to strike quick and when to show patiences,” notes footballgameplan.com CEO and draft aficionado Emory Hunt. That ability makes him valuable and in a draft where offensive tackle is not the premier position, will most likely see him still available for the Buccaneers when they pick at 50. He can provide the true left tackle that they left and allow them to move current left tackle Donovan Smith to the right side where he seems to be a more natural fit, or even inside to left guard.


Baylor vs TCU-DCTF/Shane Roper

Rd 3 Pk 20 (84): Kyle Fuller C Baylor

FBGP position rank: 2nd score: 80


Fuller is your prototypical center. He is extremely strong at the point of attack and understands how to fight the power nose guards in the league. Though many think of Baylor as this pass-dominant offense, Fuller was the anchor of an offense that has found success over the years on the ground as well as through the air. Many NFL defenses are employing the quick and powerful nose guards who can turn speed to power and displace the line of scrimmage. Fuller would be the perfect foil for those defensive plans. “He is next to impossible to move off the spot!” notes footballgameplan.com’s Emory Hunt. “Even if he’s met initially with power, he is able to absorb and redirect defenders.”

While many might question the Bucs taking two offensive lineman in their first three picks, remember that the center position has been unstable over the last couple years because of injury and although Joe Hawley and Evan Smith are respectable centers, the ability to add a young bull of an athlete to a young emerging offensive line is one that can’t be overlooked. It may also be an upgrade while saving the Buccaneers some money in the short term.  


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