FBGP’s 2015 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings – Wide Receivers, Split End (X)

Grading the 2015 NFL Draft Wide Receiver Position: The Split End (X)

What I’m looking for in the “X” or Split End, is a receiver that is able to consistently beat 1-on-1 coverage with a CB or a Safety/LB. The ‘win’ can come from a multitude of ways. He can win with routes and a good release.  When I ‘win with routes’, I’m mostly speaking with your short to intermediate variety: Drag, Hitch, Slant, Speed Out, Skinny Post, In, Curl. Those he’ll have to win consistently. The occasional deep route doesn’t have to be his ‘specialty’ because he would be what I would call, your possession WR. Again, that philosophy varies from coach to coach.

Winning with speed would be the next way; speed with the ability to eat up cushion is definitely a major plus. Finally, he can also win with power, showing the ability to ‘out-physical’ the DB.  Also, with this receiver being isolated on one side of the field, more often than not the WR will see coverage from the CB or some sort of bracketed coverage from the backer to his side.  This is why it’s also important to have guys that are high Football I.Q. players.  Some will say that your Split End is your best receiver, but it really depends on your offensive philosophy and scheme.

Now that I’ve given you my philosophy on what I’m looking for at Split End, here are the receivers in the 2015 NFL Draft that I have graded out high for the X position.

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