FBGP’s 2015 NFL Veteran Combine Coverage – Defensive Line

Defensive Line Group

Defensive End Participants

1. Rakim Cox – Villanova

2. Craig Roh – Michigan

3. Sammy Brown – Houston

4. Michael Sam – Missouri

5. Tevin Mims – South Florida

6. Shahid Paulhill – Temple

7. Caesar Rayford – Washington

8. Jamal Anderson – Arkansas

9. Adam Carriker – Nebraska

Defensive Tackle Participants

1. Zach Minter – Montana State

2. Nate Collins – Virginia

3. Da’John Harris – USC

4. Everrette Thompson – Washington

5. Torell Troup – UCF

6. Byron Jerideau – South Carolina

7. Larry Black – Indiana

8. Marcus Forston – Miami

9. Jordan Miller – Southern U.

Workout Notes:

Rakim Cox looked to be in terrific shape and had a very good day overall.  There was a lot of ‘youth’ in his legs as he ran through drills.  The same can be said for Marcus Forston who was very explosive in bag agility drills.  Michael Sam, IMO, performed the same way he did at the Scouting Combine last year.  I’d even venture to say, despite the 40 time, he looked quicker.  Larry Black & Torell Troup also put together a pretty good day in drills.  Former 1st Round Pick Jamal Anderson bulked up a bit and had a very good sense of perspective during the post-workout interviews.

Video Highlights of DL Drills

YouTube Preview Image

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