FBGP’s 2015 NFL Veteran Combine Coverage – QBs

Quarterback Group

QB Participants

1. Michael Kafka – Northwestern

2. Zac Robinson – Oklahoma State

3. Darron Thomas – Oregon

4. Tyler Wilson – Arkansas

5. Keith Price – Washington

6. Brendon Kay – Cincinnati

7. Jerrod Johnson – Texas A&M

8. Brady Quinn – Notre Dame

Workout Notes:

Jerrod Johnson had the best day out of all of the participants.  Johnson threw the ball with velocity and accuracy at every level. He also showed good ability throwing on the move to both sides.  Both Tyler Wilson & Mike Kafka showed very good arm strength…the passes were ‘whistling’ as they whizzed by scouts.  Brady Quinn also threw well in the short to intermediate area, especially during the WR/TE drills.

Video Highlights from the QB Workout:

YouTube Preview Image

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