FBGP’s 2015 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings – Wide Receiver, Slot Receivers

Grading the 2015 NFL Draft Wide Receiver Position: The Slot Receiver (S)

In my opinion, slot receivers are guys that can win from inside that 10-yard box inside numbers. The job requires a tough, shifty, smart & physical player that can win on both ends of offense; blocking and catching the football.  The stereotype is that a player has to be short, small & quick ala Wes Welker…when in all actuality, Welker is only one type of guy that can play in the slot.  When the Vikings had Randy Moss, Cris Carter & Jake Reed playing together, all spent time in the slot. Why? Because all have good Football I.Q., and spatial awareness. Which is essential to play in an area where bodies are constantly flying around.

It takes a special player to play inside and here’s a list of the guys in the 2015 NFL Draft that I graded out as the best Slot Receivers in college football.

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