College Gridiron Showcase: Day 3 Observations (AM Practice)

Desperado Offense Takes on Wrangler Defense in the Morning

Emory Hunt

On Day 3 of the College Gridiron Showcase, it was a cross practice that got things kicked off. In the morning we saw the Desperados Offense practice against the Defense of the Wranglers. This was a recent addition to the CGS All-Star event, as it allows guys from one group to match skills and compete against the other. And competition, especially in an all-star setting, is good for everyone involved as it brings out the best in all who participate.

The Man in the White Helmet

After a few days here, we finally figured out who the receiver was wearing the plain white helmet and it is Julius Wingate (6’3 199) of Stony Brook. This was important to figure out because Wingate has been having himself a really good week of work here at the CGS. He’s a long receiver that is able to get in-and-out of cuts with ease.

Linebackers Rule the Day

Day 3 was a really good day for the Linebackers in my opinion. I thought the group was able to excel in blitz pickup against the running backs and during 9-on-7 periods. I thought¬†Eastern Michigan’s Kyle Rachwal, Luke Gifford (Nebraska), Jonathan Willis (Oregon State), Malik Fountain (Central Michigan) and Washington’s Tevis Barlett made their presence felt early and often during the practice.

No Fly Zone

During the WRs/DBs 1-on-1 periods, it was more Red Zone work today than the other practices. This gave you the opportunity to see how spatially aware the defensive backs, and receivers for that matter, really are. There is little room for error inside the 20-yard line and guys have to know where they are on the field in addition to being able to play with sound technique.¬† The secondary, in my opinion, had the better day in this regard. Impressive performances by San Jose State’s Dakari Monroe, PJ Locke (Texas), OJ Johnson (Middle Tennessee State), Lee Moses (UMass), Mckinley Whitfield (Tulsa) and Nick Watkins (Houston) just to name a few.

Practice Standouts

QB – Layton Rabb (6’4 209), Midwestern State: Rabb threw the ball really well today, especially during 1-on-1s. I thought the placement was on point, and was consistent throughout the day.

RB – Ryan Ross (5’7 208), McNeese State: Ross caught the ball really well this practice. He’s a more shifty than you think and was able to create separation against the LBs in 1-on-1s. His feet never stop moving, which helps him get out of a jam in traffic and be able to sift through the trash, as he did during 9-on-7s.

TE – Vincent Hobbs (6’3 259), Texas A&M-Commerce: Hobbs had the best day of the Tight Ends on Day 3. He’s such a fluid and easy route runner with great hands. The consistency he showed in both areas definitely had the scouts buzzing throughout the morning workouts.

OL – Gavin Wiggins (6’3 318), Youngstown State: Wiggins in 1-on-1s won the majority of his reps. I really like how his hands were able to consistently stay inside the defender, keeping him in a position of control the entire rep.

OC – Breontae Matthews (6’4 330), North Carolina A&T: The former Aggie put together an impressive practice in both 1-on-1s and in 9-on-7s. Matthews is a well put together offensive lineman that can play C, Guard or Tackle. Over the course of the week I’ve been impressed with his versatility. His home will more than likely be inside as a pro. He’s been outstanding.

OL – Travis Vornkahl (6’5 285), West Texas A&M: Vornkahl does a great job of bringing his feet with him in the running game. He was able to consistently move guys off the spot during 9-on-7s. In 1-on-1s, his long arms, and how quickly he was able to get them up, was an advantage for him throughout the period.

WR – Trevor Knight (5’11 192), New Hampshire: I like the smoothness in which Knight runs his routes. He does a great job of setting up the defender before exploding out of his breaks. He also has a very good understanding of how to position his body to shield the defender away from the ball.

WR – DJ Brown (5’9 180), Northern Illinois: Quietly, DJ Brown has been one of the more consistent wideouts this week. You can tell he has played a lot of football, as his savvy is on another level. It’s been a joy to watch him work all week.

DE – Durrant Miles (6’4 261), Boise State: The former Bronco had a really good 9-on-7 period, showing a variety of ways to be disruptive. We saw the long-arm approach, quick kung-fu hands and even explosiveness off the edge.

CB – Josh Miller (5’10 183), Ball State: Every time you look up Miller seems to be locking down his wide receiver or has the ball in his hands. His ability to quickly react and drive on the ball is why he’s been having a ton of success this week.

TE – Marvin Fanfan (6’0 266), Virginia Union: On the surface it doesn’t look like Fanfan would win many 1-on-1 battles, but the big guy knows how to run routes and doesn’t drop many passes. I think he’s more along the lines of a fullback at the next level. He’s having a solid week.

Practice Highlights: Desperados Offense vs Wranglers Defense

WRs/RBs/TEs vs LBs/DBs 1-on-1s

OL-vs-DL 1-on-1s

9-on-7 Drills

Pass Skel

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